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Welcome to our Lawn-to-Garden (L2G) website. We've created this site to help you, our valued customer, replace a water-guzzling grass lawn with a beautiful drought tolerant landscape.  Making this change now is extremely important as the City of Long Beach's imported water supplies have been permanently reduced.

Your neighbors told us these are the most important benefits of these water-efficient landscapes:

Create a beautiful landscape that thrives in our semi-arid climate

Save water

We live in a semi-arid region and our imported water supplies have been permanently reduced; we must use our remaining supplies more efficiently.

Save on the water bill

About half the water used at the average Long Beach home is used for landscape irrigation; beautiful L2G landscapes can reduce water use per square foot by 70% or more.

Save energy

Water-related energy use in California consumes about 20% of the state’s electricity. 

For example, about half the potable water consumed in southern California is pumped
from hundreds of miles from the Sacramento region and the Colorado River.

Provide other important benefits

  • Improve the City’s water reliability
  • Reduce time and money needed to maintain grass lawns
  • Reduce the urban runoff into the Long Beach coastal marine habitat
  • Create habitat for wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies

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Energy Star Landscapes


About 20% of all the energy consumed in California is used for pumping, treating, transporting and heating water. 

L2G landscapes save a lot of energy by saving water. 

Maybe we should refer to these water-efficient yards as “Energy Star Landscapes!”

This website has one goal: to help you successfully create your own beautiful L2G landscape. Many of the offerings, tips and strategies you’ll find on this site come from the experience of over 1,900 homeowners that have successfully replaced grass lawns with beautiful L2G landscapes.